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Hi! Welcome to Michael Clark's Home Page. This Web Page contains many links to interesting things about myself and my interests, which can be found in the Table Of Contents section of my home page.

Below is a picture of my wife Lyra and I. If you want to see more pictures of family, friends, and us, just click on my Picture Albums. If you want to see our wedding website, click our cute photo below.


Lyra & Mike

Table Of Contents

  1. General Information
    1. This section of my home page contains my Interactive Instant Messenger list with ways to contact me online through each messenger.
    2. It also has some of my favorite search engine links which I recommend using for finding information on the World Wide Web.
  2. Mike's Personal Page
    1. This page has personal information on myself and different things about me.
    2. It has information on my educational goals and involvement, and also some information about my family.
  3. Mike's Comic Book Page
    1. This page contains information about my hobby of collecting comic books.
    2. Many links to other comic sites are given at this page.
  4. Mike's Music Page
    1. This page is about one of my favorite music groups, Erasure.
    2. It has some pictures as well as links and some audio and video clips.
  5. Mike's Video Game Page
    1. This page is basically about my interest in different video games.
    2. It has some pictures, links to video game sites, some information
      about my interest in games, and some coverage on the Nintendo 64 game title,
      The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time.
  6. Mike's Fun Page
    1. This page is just created for fun things like games or trivia questions.
    2. Want to try out a word puzzle game, check this page out.
  7. Mike's Dynamic HTML Page
    1. This page was created for a Dynamic HTML project in my COSC 484 course.
    2. It uses Javascript, HTML, and Style sheet layers from Dynamic HTML (or DHTML) to model a portion of our Solar System.
  8. Mike's Picture Albums
    1. This Picture Page is the newest addition to my website. I have taken my raw digital photos and loosely organized them into album folders. This page is still in the works, so I haven't added descriptive names to all albums. I also haven't added ALL of my digital pictures from over the years. Hopefully, they will all be here soon.
    2. NOTE that these pics are raw digital photos and have not been edited for the most part. This means they are BIG pics, some are not rotated right side up, and original versions will take time to view on slower connections. For those using dial-up, I have made the pictures and the first frames of video clips into thumbnails when first viewing the albums. Yes I am considerate of all of you too :-P
    3. ALSO NOTE that clicking on a .avi video file (file names starting with MVI) will load the entire movie file. This may take a very long time even on fast connections as the videos are bigger then the pictures, MUCH BIGGER. Your browser may appear to lock up while the video is downloaded to your computer, but please be patient. However, after the first time downloading the video your browser's cache will bring the video right up with future viewings.

General Information

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Search Engine List

In case you were looking for something on my pages but could not find it, I would recommend using a search engine or directory.
They are very easy to use and are very efficient at finding specific information.

Here is a list of links to good search engines and directories that I find are usually accurate:

I hope these will help you in finding what you need.

Please feel free to send me E-mail regarding questions or comments about this page.
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