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Hello! You have entered Mike's Comic Book Page. In it you will learn about my Interest in comic books as well as my Collection, Links to other comic sites, and Pictures.

Comic Interest

I have been collecting comic books for about eight years and they are a very enjoying form of entertainment to me. I mostly like Marvel comics and the X-men titles in particular. There are many reasons why I like the X-men:

  1. The stories have good messages and are not full of pointless violence.
  2. The stories are very emotional and get you attached to the characters even though they are fictional.
  3. The books flow like soap operas and always keep you hanging and wanting more, but I'm not obsessed, I collect in moderation.
  4. The artwork is talented and adds life to the characters.

Comic Collection

TitlesIssues Annuals
Uncanny X-men#300-395 #17-18, 95'-01'
X-men#20-115 #2-3, 95'-01'
X-Force#22-117 #2-3, 95'-01'
X-Factor#90-150 #8-9
EX-calibur#65-125 #1-2
Generation-X#1-75 # 95'-00'
Cable#1-94 N/A
Wolverine#69-165 # 95'-01'
X-man#1-75 # 96'-00'
X-men Unlimited#1-31 N/A
Maverick#1-12 N/A

And that is only the main original titles that I had started collecting, this list does not include lots of new books I colelct today, and some of these books have ended, or were just specials, or limited series. There is an approximate amount of 500 books left unaccounted for.

Comic Links

If you are looking for some links to great comic book sites, here is a list of my favorites:

Comic Pictures

Here are some cool X-men graphics for you enjoyment, to see a bigger picture of the graphic, just click on the pic.

Angel Beast Cannonball

Cyclops Iceman Magneto

Maggott Marrow Phoenix

Psylocke Storm Wolverine

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