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Hey so you decided to check out my music page. You won't be disappointed. I've got graphics, links, audio clips, and a video clip. The audio and video clips do however, require RealPlayer software. Download it for free by clicking on the picture of RealPlayer to the right.

So far, the information on this site is about one of my favorite music groups, Erasure. The remainder of this page will be devoted to them for now. There is even an instrumental MIDI music file of the song Always, it is one of my favorite songs by Erasure. To hear the song as you check out the page, just click the play button on the music player on the left side of the screen. The only catch is that if you play the song, you really should listen to the whole thing. Always is one of those songs you can't get the whole feeling for just by listening to five seconds of it. If you don't see a player on the left, then you might not have a plugin to play MIDI files. Please go back to my <A HREF="index.htm#general">General Information</A> link on my Homepage, and use the search engines to find a MIDI file player.

A Tribute To Erasure

Erasure has been around for over twenty years starting approximately around 1985. Erasure's style of music has always been sort of unique, meaning that their seems to be no one else around that does music the way they do. For one example, the music of the group is electronic synthesized music, but it is not like the techno rock music or the club music of the nineties, erasure's songs have a more Pop Music style (and this was unique even during the eighties wave of electronic music). The songs have deep messages about many different things, such as love, nature, sadness, and even some humor. Their messages are of a huge variety.

Throughout the years, Erasure has had a cult following. They are still very popular in Britain their home country, and have had hits over in America once in awhile. The group consists of two people: Andy Bell, the vocalist for the group, and Vincent Clarke (former member of Depeche Mode, Yazoo or Yaz in the United States, and the short-lived Assembly), the creator and writer of the music. With the combination of Clark's deep emotional lyrics and bell's unique but strange (and I mean strange) singing, the duo has made me think of a music group, for the first time, as being truly worthy of being called great.

Audio and Video Clips of Erasure

Erasure Audio Clips


A Little Respect

Chains Of Love

Erasure Video

Always (Kind of slow on 56K modems)

Erasure Pictures

Here are some pictures of Andy Bell and Vince Clarke of Erasure, along with pictures of their many albums put out over the years. Enjoy!

These are the two men behind Erasure, Andy Bell (left), and Vincent Clarke (right). Vince is also in the above picture drinking a glass of water. Below there is a shifting picture that shows most of the album covers that Erasure has put out. To see them, just click on the picture below.

Erasure Links

In case you are interested in learning more about Erasure, the following are some great links to different erasure sites:

Erasure Information Service
EIS is the Offical Website for Erasure, and always has the latest news and happenings for the band. There is also alot of cool history, video, and sound clips that can be found here.
This site is great for learning more about Erasure and the groups fan base.
The site has discussion forums, chatting, and other interactive things to get to know the fan's of Erasure.
If these aren't enough for you, a good search on any search engine should bring up tons of links.

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