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Hi again!
Welcome to my own personal page about myself. I have divided my personal page into three sections: General Information about myself, my Goals that I wish to complete during my lifetime, and my Family.

General Information

Well, I guess I will start out by telling you about the common stuff. My full name is Michael Christopher Clark, but my friends and family call me Mike. If your lucky enough, you can call me Mikey and get away with it :-)   I was born on September 7, 1980 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA; so that makes me 38. I live in Havre de Grace, Maryland currently which is located in Harford County. I have light blue eyes and I am about 5' 8'' tall, with brown hair. I enjoy all sorts of things, some of which can be found at my Home Page. Now on to the interesting school stuff.

I started college at Essex Community College in the Fall of '96. Essex has since become part of the combined system with Dundalk Community College and Catonsville Community College. Now the combined schools are known as the Community College of Baltimore County. Essex was a great place where I learned alot about the world as well as the local people in Maryland. I stayed there for three years (yes I know a little longer than most, but hey I started earlier than most). At Essex, I completed two programs and earned an Associate of Science Degree in Computer Science and an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems. There is a picture of the campus below.

I was involved in Essex's Honor's Program and Phi Theata Kappa, a great two-year international organization; their emblem is to the right. Both organizations provided many beneficial things to myself like fellowship and challenges. Best of all I made some long lasting friends whom I still talk to today.

When I had graduated from Essex in Spring of 1999, I had the following schools in mind to transfer to:

  1. Goucher
  2. Towson University
  3. University of Maryland Baltimore County
  4. Johns Hopkins
  5. Loyola

I ended up choosing to go to Towson University where I ended up staying for three years completing a double major (I just can't get away from that trend) in Computer Science and Mathematics. I graduated in the Spring of 2002, finishing college on time. Towson is a great place too, although its definitely bigger than Essex, you do alot more walking, and parking is LOUSY!!!   Here is a picture of Towson Universiy's logo below on the left.

Recently, I have completed graduate school at one of the locations I had considered for Undergraduate studies, Johns Hopkins University. You can see a fancy logo for Johns Hopkins University just above here, on the right. In partcularly, I was enrolled with the Whiting School of Engineering, Part-Time Program. I completed my Master's Degree in Computer Science in the Summer of 2004. What's the next plan after this? A BIG LONG VACATION and NON-STOP PARTYING !!!


Some people can have very high goals to meet during their life, I am one of those people. I want to accomplish some meaningful things in this world and leave my mark here.
Here is a list of what I would like to accomplish:


This section is devoted to my immediate family members just so I can describe them and tell them how much I appreciate them. I actually want to add in the rest of my family including relatives, especially my cousins, cause there all so cool and inspiring to me in many ways. In fact, I am thinking about starting a family tree page on this site using some advanced DHTML and Java. But for now, that project is still up on the shelf in my head, so for now I hope this simple mention of my family will suffice. They really are all great people and are all very special to me.

Joseph Clark
This is my father who I respect and admire very much. He has given me great advice over the years and has helped me with many problems in my life. He currently works at Franklin Square Hospital as a pharmacist technician and customer care associate, and also runs his own business, Clark Audio Video Services. With a little help from me, he finally got something up and running on his website.
Mary Clark
This is my mother who never ceases to amaze me. While she may be working as a delivery nurse at Franklin Square Hospital, she still finds time to do many things needed to be done around the house. She is definitely a good example of a hard, diligent worker and has influenced me to be the same. I can see that lots of the strong personality characteristics I have are from her directly. This helps me to better look at myself by reflecting through her. My mother has helped me develop my entire self without even fully realizing it. This is just as a good parent should do.
Andrew Clark
This is one of my two brothers who can, like all siblings tend to do at times, get on my nerves. I suppose this builds charcter and tolerance. But at the same time I can learn a lot from my brother. His interest and ways of thinking get me to more deeply think about my own. This helps me when I need to find ways of defending my beliefs. Ten out of ten times, he can be a true friend and will stand behind you as a trusty brother. Now we are actually agreeing more and more about our attitudes on life, (but I doubt he will ever admit it). He is now 32 and has completed Graduate School like his older brother at Johns Hopkins University following in my foot steps and majoring in Computer Science Graduate Studies.
Nicholas Clark
This is my other brother who is now 29 years old and could be the comic relief for the family. No matter what he is doing, it is usually always funny. He is a great person to cheer you up, and since he is young, he is never afraid to speak his mind and tell you when you've screwed up. So he helps you out greatly when looking for improvement. He also graduated Towson University like his two older brothers, only he got a Bachelor's Degree in Geography.
Veronica Clark
This is my grandmother, and even though she may not be the immediate family, she has certainly felt like a part of it. She has helped me on numerous occasions with school, parties, and the occasional chat. She is always there to lend a hand and has provided me with more than enough support through my life so far. I hope she will still be here when I reach the position she is in now, so I can fully understand what she has done for me, and then fully thank her.
Lyra Clark
This is my wonderful wife, and she is included here because of how big and important her role in my life is. She is finally family and we are happy to have her :) She is originally from New England, more specifically from Andover, Massachusetts. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems from Fitchburg State College where she spent four years. She has also spent three years living in Hawaii, and also two years living in the big city of Boston, right by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. We both share the same love for the awesome music group Erasure which you can read more about on my Music Page. We actually met by random chance at an Erasure Acoustic concert performed at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. You can see pictures of our first meeting at that concert here on my Picture Albums page. After one year having an online / long distance relationship, Lyra decided to move down here to Maryland and she hasn't looked back once. We are both very happy now, and looking forward to what the future may hold. And so the story continues ....

Please feel free to send me E-mail regarding questions or comments about this page.
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