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Welcome to my video game page. This page is about my interest in video games particularly, Nintendo 64. I currently own a Nintendo 64 system and find it very enjoyable. I am also eagerly awaiting the next generation video game system from Nintendo, the GAMECUBE.
The games are great in many ways:

  1. The games have great sound and stereo capacity.
  2. The games have really fantastic graphics.
  3. The games offer fun for friends and family as well as challenges to the mind.

For all you game fans that have purchased a GameShark cheating device for Nintendo 64, there is a GameShark Webpage with all the latest codes for all available games on the GameShark.

Now I know that many people do not see advantages to video games because of all the violence and gruesome type games out on the market. Just to let you know, I generally only like tasteful games that are fun to play, are intellectually challenging, or have educational value. They must at least have some general intrigue, some decent artwork, good game design mechanics / controls, and, of course, a very good story. The more detailed the story, the better the game.
With that being said, I would like to talk to you about a game I had eagerly awaited for release, and even after playing it numerous times, I find it difficult not to enjoy the game still. This magnificent game is The Legend of Zelda: the Ocarina of Time.

A Review of Zelda 64(Ocarina of Time)

The Legend of Zelda series has been a long-lasting symbol for Nintendo for more than ten years, and this game is the fifth installment of the game, and the first to make use of the high technology offered by the Nintendo 64 system. According to Videogames.com, this new Zelda game is even better than the previous ones (which were also quite good as well). This game is of the traditional role-playing / adventure style like the other Zelda games, but it has expanded from the previous games based on 2D into a whole new area of gaming, three dimensions.

Zelda 64 (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) is set before any of the previous games. The story starts off with Princess Zelda fleeing the villain of this game, Ganondorf, right as the young hero of the game Link appears to save the princess like in the older versions. Sounds like the old games are just being rehashed to produce a new stale game, but that is hardly the case. This game offers great sound and picture quality, it uses the full abilities of the Nintendo 64 and takes up 32 megabytes of memory, the largest amount ever for a video game, (even longer than Final Fantasy VII the Sony Playstation, a game that took three CD's to completely finish the game). Now, true some newer games today may have bypassed this size marker, remember that Zelda 64 was released on November of 1998 on a cartridge. The fact that this huge game exists on cartridge at all is impressive. Zelda is definitely A BIG GAME. The game takes at least over a day to beat, and thats playing the game straight through as an expert knowing where everything is already. Also for the first time ever, Link is able to ride a horse, and boy does it save time traversing the gigantic land of Hyrule. The landscape does change from day to night as the game continues and time traveling is also involved. Both of these factors allow for incredible depth to the game as well as some interesting puzzles to solve. What I consider, however, to be the best point about this game is that Link is made to be as interactive with the environment as possible. Anything you want to do can virtually be done. And the environment itself is does consists of numerous environments, almost anything imaginable, from mountain landscapes, to swimming in lakes, all the way to barren, sand storm filled deserts.

To me, this game is definitely worth getting. But even better news is the sequel to Zelda: Ocarina of Time. While unfortunately I have yet to be able to give a review due to school, work, and just life in general, I did get to finish this game. I must say that if there is any worthy successor to the Ocarina of time, it would have to be the sixth Zelda game, Mask of Majora. Keeping checking for an update with a review of this and the many other Zelda titles that are certainly on the way from Nintendo.

Some Pictures of Zelda 64

Here are some pictures of Zelda 64, just to show you how good the graphics on the game will be. By the way, Link is the one dressed in green and Zelda is the girl on the top-middle picture.

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